Around the world in 19 small silver edible balls

Published August 26, 2013

During some recent summer community fun over on Sidepodcast, the challenge arose to bake something F1 related. Given the wealth of choice of recipes available to me, and a limited amount of time, I went for something I’ve already made in the hopes I could do it better.

A long while back, I baked an F1Minute cake, to celebrate a podcasting anniversary.

The iced cake

It went down very well, although it was my first attempt at icing something and I went a little over the top in terms of thickness.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to have another go, so I followed the same path as before – this madeira cake as a sandwich with copious amounts of buttercream in the middle. Apricot jam used as the glue for the icing and then some nicely rolled out fondant icing on top.

The idea was given to me to present a map of the world with the race locations highlighted, so I headed to the shop looking for decoration items. I bought the ready-made roll out icing, which only really comes in white, so the sea was going to have to be a base white colour. The shop I went to was mostly sold out of icing stuff but thankfully had some green that I could snatch up before it went out of stock.

While the cake was baking, I set about mapping out the world with my icing. I found a picture and transferred it onto some baking paper, but then discarded that because it was too big. I instead used my eye and a knife to approximate the countries. This did not work out so well.

The other problem is that no matter what I did the land masses were all far too big, and any smaller would have meant the silver balls would have been taking over entire countries. So, I smushed it all together and hoped for the best.

Cake of the world

So, it’s awful, but I love it. I like to think of it is abstract art. It tasted good, anyway, and that’s all that really matters.

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