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Published July 14, 2013

Since I’ve been catching up with my news and views on Feedly, I’ve been making good use of the “Save for Later” feature - particularly when I stumble across things I might want to blog about. I managed to scrawl out something on that New York swimming pool, but the rest just isn’t inspiring me for a full post. With that and the fact I’m struggling with the heat, I thought it might be better to round up some of the things I’ve saved recently in brief, rather than leave them languishing forever!

  • There are lots of ways of making sure only the apps you want are connecting to your social networks, but this My Permissions app looks like a really easy way of keeping track of what’s what.
  • Discovered the Digital Photography School website recently, and I’ve been looking through some of their stuff. I thought this Posing Guide was worth bookmarking, especially as we sometimes need to take pictures of my silly face for the numerous websites I have.
  • Excited about this new Mirror’s Edge game, although there’s not much to go on.
  • The BubblePod looks like a handy tool, particularly given my current obsession with panoramas. It’s a simple turntable that you put your phone into, and it spins to make a nice smooth photo, rather than you having to try and keep steady and turn around all at the same time.
  • I was happy to read this biography about Craig Federighi who took a starring role in the most recent Apple Keynote. I covered that presentation and was a fan of his work: _“Craig is going to give us a demo of all the Safari stuff. I must say, even though I don’t get it, I’m still loving all this Craig action.” _
  • I didn’t realise Amazon were doing all this creative stuff. I was interested by their investment in fan fiction - allowing the stories to be monetised for both the author and the original creator to benefit. Now I’ve found this Storyteller page which is supposed to turn your scripts into storyboards. This seems like a great idea, if you’re better at the writing and not the art side.

That’s just a few of the things I’ve been keeping an eye on. I’m quite far behind on my feeds at the moment. Mr C makes fun of me. But I’m happy finding out these gems in my own sweet time.

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