The Archers - January 2013

Published February 3, 2013

Somehow, I’m heading into my fourth year of writing these monthly recaps. I still don’t know quite why I do it, but hey, it’s fun for me! It’s also interesting to look back and see where we were this time three years ago, when I began. January 2010: Helen was fussing over pregnant Annette, Brenda couldn’t find a job to save her life, and Ruth was jumping down Pip’s throat. How times… oh.

On to the more current stuff, then, and Vicky had her baby! It all went okay, and everyone is quite relieved. Brenda is being particularly maternal over her little sister which is an interesting turn of events. Is it going to lead to her actually wanting to settle down with Tom, or is it just so that he thinks she wants to settle down and manages to put his big feet in it again?

Ruth tells Ed to ask for more money for his milk from Mike, which he does, but he times it badly and Mike says no. Poor Ed needs more money though, so what is he going to do? There’s talk of a sheep shearing venture, but it means Ed has to swallow his pride and ask for a grant from a charity.

Lilian and Peggy go to Whitby for a bracing weekend. The lies between Lilian and Matt continue as she tries to break things off with Paul but then seems to end up back together with him again. I still don’t get it, and it’s frustrating me more than ever. It would make more sense if she at least had some feelings for Matt but she seems to despise him more than ever. Just because he changed a lightbulb for Peggy, is that going to make all the difference? I don’t know, but I can’t see Lilian running off with Paul, so she’ll have to end up with Matt somehow.

There’s a brand new chap in the form of Rob Titchener, the new mega-dairy man. He’s been getting the inside scoop on all the goings on in Ambridge, and has a bit of a secret in terms of his wife being absent for the time-being. It’s a good introduction for anyone who has just tuned in this year! He didn’t have the best reception from Ruth, whilst Usha sounded positively smitten.

Over in Ambridge Extra, I quite enjoyed the treasure hunt to Liverpool, with the four guys doing their best to fulfill Bob Pullen’s final request. I’m not that bothered about the Alan/Usha/random vicar storyline. This series of Ambridge Extra feels incredibly disjointed, the way they have transitioned through three separate storylines, but I’m treating it as though it has been three separate series. It might be more fun that way, actually. Shorter series, fewer episodes but more of them.

Other bits and pieces:

  • Pip appears to be acting like a normal teenager, and thus, of course, Ruth and David are keen to stop it at once.
  • Alice being grumpy about her job is driving me mad. You tend to have to pay your dues before you get the incredibly exciting job.
  • Helen and Emma being friends worries me.
  • Tom’s global domination plans took another step forward as he broached the subject with the family. There’s a lot of scheduling of milking to be worked through first.
  • Quite enjoyed David and Kenton bickering over the machinery on loan for the farmhouse breakfasts. Those two are fun when they get together.
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