The Archers - January 2010

Published February 1, 2010

Note: I enjoyed writing my little Christmas thoughts post on the Archers, and thought I could turn this into a monthly thing. I have long been saying how I would love to keep a blog on the soap, but as I’m constantly running about a week behind, it doesn’t seem worth trying to start one. However, I do like to discuss it, and I think it would be fun to look back on, so here are my thoughts for January.

Ah, of course, how could I miss that? Annette was pregnant and Leon was the father. That’s how the story continued. I have to say, Helen’s interfering nature did not come across well as she tried to get Annette to see all the options. The poor girl was reduced to tears several times before Helen would stop going on about it. Once the decision was made, it was Helen who was upset. She never really came across as so much of a control freak before, but my eyes have been opened. There were some redeeming qualities as she cared for Annette afterwards, and even offered to do her work for her, but I’m still a little concerned about scary Helen.

On an only slightly related note, how irritating is Susan?

One thing I find quite odd is the “Brenda can’t find a job” storyline. On the one hand, it’s good to highlight the ever-growing problem of graduates not being able to find jobs once they’re done studying. But on the other hand, I would have thought that someone interested in doing marketing and PR, wouldn’t want to stick in Ambridge anyway. There can’t be that much call for such occupations in the village and surrounding area. A city would be more suitable for that kind of thing, wouldn’t it? Isn’t Ambridge supposed to be near Birmingham? I would head there if I was Brenda.

Did we start to hear the tiniest little hint of Mike’s exasperation with Vicky? I certainly couldn’t live with such a bubble of enthusiasm all the time, so I don’t blame him for heading up north by himself. Even if she did make him a flask of soup and some cold sausages.

Speaking from experience, it’s quite hard to have a social life when you live out on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and I think Ruth went too quickly from: “Thank God she’s staying at college” to “And just what time do you call this?” It’s called compromise, and unless it becomes a regular occurrence, it seems a bit harsh to jump down the poor girl’s throat. It’s not often you find yourself thinking David is being the reasonable parent in all this. I can’t wait to hear the “You treat this place like a hotel” line.

Finally, I quite like the Jazzer loves Fallon storyline, if only because unrequited love is really quite a rare thing in soaps. I wonder how long this will last for. I do find it hard to follow the conversations though, with Jazzer’s interesting accent. I was telling Mr C how much he reminds me of the policeman from Allo Allo, particularly when he was discussing how annoyed he was about something and said he was “pied arf”. Excellent.

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