Terrific tea testing - Tea India Black Tea and Masala Chai

Published November 19, 2012

My tea tasting adventure has taken me to lots of new brands that I hadn’t been aware of previously, and the next to fall into my path was Tea India. They were marvellously kind to send me a package with some new flavours to try that should be in the shops in the UK soon, if they are not already.

Tea India

“The range includes a premium Black Tea and three authentic chai infusions, Masala, Vanilla and the unique Cardamom Chai - each with their own distinctive flavours selected from the many varieties found at vibrant bazaars and served up by chai wallahs.”

Tea India

There were two types of tea sent over, and the first was Black Tea. My initial impression upon eyeing the box was how friendly it all is. For once, a tea company say that “you know best how you like your tea” and even mentions milk on the package! I thought this was a banned idea when it comes to proper tea tasting.

The teas that I have tried so far have all been fruit infusion style teas, and this was the first that was more of a “normal” style tea, so I opted to have it with milk. I do sometimes drink tea without milk, but it very much depends on the mood.

Tea India

This tea has a glorious treacle colour, I couldn’t discern any particular aroma from the initial pouring - dare I say it just smelt like normal tea? But it looked really enticing, gorgeous caramel brown.

It’s more obvious when you compare it to a “normal” cup of tea. In the photo below, the Black Tea is in the right hand cup. When I tasted it, then I could tell the difference - it was smooth, almost creamy, and it left you wanting more - but not in a bad, thirst-making way that tea sometimes does.

Tea India

The second batch of tea was Masala Chai, and this was something very new to me. When the hot water toppled over the bag, there was an almost instant smell of warm, cinnamon goodness.

Tea India

I drank this one without milk, as it felt more like the spice and fruit-laden infusions that I’m used to. It’s an oft-overused phrase, but this tea really smelled and tasted like Christmas. Mulled wine and mince pies, warm nights in front of the fire and snow falling gently outside the window.

It was delicious, but perhaps something you couldn’t drink on a regular basis - it would be more for special occasions, for warming up on a cold night or perking up when you’re feeling a bit down.

I really liked both of these teas, there’s a definite sense of quality from the Tea India product and they were both loaded with taste. I’ve got enough to keep me going for now,  but I’ll definitely be looking to see what other flavours they have to offer in the future.

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