2012 Wk 43, 44 & 45 – A rest is as good as a change

Published November 19, 2012

It’s been a tricky couple of weeks, particularly this last weekend. I’m getting to the point where most of my running is going to be done on a weekend now, because of the lack of daylight hours. I had a four day weekend but spent most of it tucked up inside with an extraordinarily painful sore throat. No running for me.

However, before that occurred, I had managed to complete a 10k, probably the only one for November, and it was, I suppose you would say, a personal best!

Running graph

I had said that I wanted to get a 10k under 1hr 30, and whilst the above is still a laughable time, I don’t think I’ve ever managed to meet one of my time related goals before, so I was very happy. It also felt like a reasonably comfortable run as well, so hopefully that speaks of better things in the future.

I do vaguely recall that when I switched down to a single weekly 5k run last winter, that the first run went really well too. I’m guessing this is because it’s good to get a bit of a rest, but then at some point well-rested turns into out-of-practice.

I dread to think how out-of-practice I am right now!

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