Friday Five - Bunker related bits and pieces

Published November 17, 2012

There have been quite a few bunker items in the news and wider media recently, none of which I have managed to write about. So here, instead, is a summary of five of the most recent.

  1. This was pointed out to me by Mr C who saw it on Twitter from someone else (crediting is hard when you have terrible memories like us), but as the end of the world is rapidly approaching… again… people are starting to notice that burrowing underground or under the sea could be useful. The Daily Mail have gathered together some of the so-called best bunkers. The hotel in the Maldives that has rooms underwater is really quite freaky and also very cool!
  2. Meanwhile, this Doomsday Preppers thing is catching on. Apparently there is a program on the National Geographic channel following some, er, dedicated types as they prepare for the worst. There’s also a game based on the concept too. Both of these things I have not seen/tried but will have to check out soon.
  3. A while back, I was pointed in the direction of a marvellous underground home that was built in the remains of an old reservoir. It looks stunning, if a little like the Teletubbies hillock, but my main concern is if it is in a former reservoir, will it not fill up with water when it rains.
  4. The always excellent In Focus photo site has a recent post about polygamists living in the rock in Utah. Let’s ignore the religious/political aspects of this, living in the rock seems very caveman and very cool! Except the part where you have to blow massive holes in the rock in the first place with explosives. That sounds less cool and more dangerous.
  5. Finally, I found some photos of old bunkers that were created under the streets of Moscow, when there was concern about the threat of nuclear war. Now they have been turned into a museum/bar/restaurant/strip club. As you do. It looks very odd, kind of like a space ship, but hey, making use of crumbling bunkers is always fine by me.

Annoyingly, I also know that there was a recent episode of Grand Designs where they looked at yet another underground establishment. Mr C and I made a point of watching the celebratory 100th episode of the show, and the underground one was the very next week… but we missed it. D’oh!

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