Nothing beats the simplicity of a jam tart

Published October 31, 2012

The Great British Bake Off came to its conclusion a week or so ago (not that you’d know it as their are masterclasses and “revisited” episodes galore!) and I was sure that I was going to take a break from baking too.

Except, then Mr C requested jam tarts and I had a look at a recipe and compared to some of the things I’ve been doing, it seemed the easiest thing ever.

So, I made them, which just proves to me that this baking lark is addictive.

Jam tarts

Every single one of them overflowed, but I had anticipated that. I packed them with jam because my favourite part is the jam bit. The pastry was too thick really, which wasn’t too much of a problem because Mr C is a big fan of the pastry part. Between us, we really liked them, even though they were far from perfection.

I was super duper happy that I had all the ingredients in my baking cupboard already - except for the jam. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good store of ingredients… and I’m now wondering about whether I need to keep an inventory or something, because I have no idea what’s in there!

It was also fun to make them with three different flavoured jams - firstly because when I asked Mr C what flavour he wanted, he said “jam, obviously” and secondly because I picked out the colours that would match as though they were official Mr Kipling ones.

Notes for future jam tarts:

  • Try thinner pastry.
  • Get another baking tray because there was more pastry than twelve holes will make, and it’s boring waiting for one to finish, wash up and bake again.
  • Get some cutters because I thought I had some but I don’t and ended up using an upside down glass.
  • Make some more because there’s lots of jam to be used up!
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