Trailer Tuesday - Iron Man the Third

Published October 30, 2012

On the very day that my Trailer Tuesday post was due to go up last week, the new Iron Man 3 trailer was released. I meant to go back and update that post, but… I didn’t. And then I thought, actually, this deserves a post of its own, even if it is a week late.

Iron Man 3

Firstly, it looks incredible. That bit with the house falling down the side of the cliff, the suits blowing up, all of it is visually stunning.

I’m concerned about the seriousness of it all. One of the joys of the last two Iron Man films, and in the Avengers as well, is how playful Tony Stark is, even when things are really looking bad. Here, he is grumpy and miserable, he can’t sleep, he’s worried about the danger posed to his girlfriend. There isn’t a single fun line in that entire trailer. It worries me - I don’t think I can take two hours of serious Stark, it needs the occasional light moment as well.

Also, is it just me or is the “Ladies, children, lesson number one” voice particularly reminiscent of the “Trust me on the sunscreen” chap? It makes me less able to take him seriously!

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