The Archers - June 2012

Published July 5, 2012

June, June, June. The month in Ambridge has been completely overshadowed by the terror at Brookfield, but before we talk about that, let’s discuss some other bits and pieces.

First up, Jill says she’ll pay for some or all of Kenton and Jolene’s trip to New Zealand. That’s pretty flipping generous. Then she goes on to intervene between Ruth and David when it’s clear the strain between them is getting too much. More on that down the page, but sometimes I can’t decide if Jill is just interfering or if she’s pretty fabulous. It’s a fine line.

Alice and Chris narrowly avoided having a full time Amy on their hands. Amy was completely beastly to everyone, self-involved and bordering on psychotic. Then she finally managed to confront Carl - something she should have done about two days in - burst into tears and all was forgiven. It always baffles me how quickly the Archers people forgive and forget. If I was Usha, I’d be spitting feathers.

Early in the month, there was a Jubilee cake. It sounded massive but I don’t understand how they managed to carry it anywhere. It also made me crave cake. Was that the intention?

There’s also been lots of cricket. I am very suspicious of Natalie and her cricket obsession. Yes, of course girls can be interested in cricket and want to play, but she’s getting pretty pushy about it!

Adam’s been getting back into the swing of things with a normal work routine, but there are plenty of references to him not overdoing things. Ian has been pretty fab, as ever, and even managed to provide exactly what he wanted for his birthday: a relaxing night in. I want that pretty much every day. It was fascinating listening to him when Ruth accidentally let slip about… well, more of that in a moment.

Brenda’s getting ever more irritated by Vicky and her thoughts of retirement. I’m not sure whether it’s just money that Brenda is worried about, or the possibility of Mike having to spend all day every day with the ever-so-slightly domineering woman. Maybe it’s just more of the jealously that occurred when they first got together.

Vicky has plenty to keep her busy for now though, helping to redecorate Phoebe’s room in anticipation of her return from South Africa. There’s more from South Africa in the new series of Ambridge Extra which began this week. I didn’t think it was coming back for a third time, but lo and behold, here it is. Last series was all about the inner monologue and apparently this time it’s all about being overseas. My only thought so far is that if I was Phoebe, I think I might like returning to the comfort of my room just as it was, rather than a redecorated palace.

And thus, we end up at Brookfield… where there is just lonely old David remaining. June has been tough on the Archer clan as the gang step up their terrorism tactics - including scaring Ben with a ravaged sheep, sending threatening messages via Pip, and creating a stampede on Open Farm Sunday. Little Georgie Porgie was caught up in the crossfire, but Ed scooped him up before any harm was done.

The steady increase of incidents have yet to put David off his stride, but Ruth is quivering in her wellies. They decide (well, she decides) to send the kids away to stay with her mother, leaving David behind. Even Adam’s questioning of whether to keep on with the court case won’t deter him. The man is on a mission and nothing will stand in his way!

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