2012 Wk 25 & 26 - Twice as nice

Published July 9, 2012

I had to take it easy the week after my first ever 10k as I wasn’t feeling too good, and then the weather began to turn. It worked out okay, because the rest did me some good.

Last week, things were a lot better, and I went out on Monday and Wednesday. Finally, I was seeing 30 minute runs with average paces under 8:30 again. Phew! I thought I’d forgotten how to do that. I had planned a Friday excursion as well, but there was some epic rain out and about. I should have anticipated it, given that it has been Wimbledon fortnight.

Anyhoo, I knew I wanted to go out for a bit of a longer run this weekend, to make up for my no show on Friday, but I didn’t know how far I was going to go.

Running graph

Another 10k!

The pace was clearly much better as I managed to shave almost four minutes off the first one. However, it also felt a lot smoother. I hovered the right side of a 9 minute average pace for much of the run, and even once it crossed over, it didn’t go too far.

I’ll be honest, though, by 8km I was starting to feel it. I had a slight lack of water to deal with as well, and I think I probably should have come home a little earlier. I felt a bit ill afterwards, from the dehydration, I suppose.

I knew that having run the distance, I’d want to do it again, but I hadn’t anticipated completing the miracle a second time so quickly!

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