2012 Wk 24 - A (6.2) milestone

Published June 25, 2012

This week, I did good. I ran on Monday and Wednesday and Friday. I didn’t do anything in between, which isn’t really sticking to the plan, but hey, running more. Go me!

I had Friday off work, which meant I had some time to do a longer run. I also needed to do a longer run due to some over-indulgence during Film Watch the night before. So, I started slow, and I ran and I didn’t really have a plan in mind. I got to 5k, and thought it would be really good if I could get past the 6.79km that has been haunting me since last time. I got that far, and figured I might as well try and get to the 8.06km which is my longest to date. And, once I got there, I was still surviving and decided that as I’d come so far, I might as well try and go all the way.

Running graph

Incredible! Yes, it was slow but it was also reasonably consistent. I hovered at 9:15 average pace and it just slipped slightly but always remained above(below?) 9:30 which is really all I was aiming for. My first ever 10km, and the bizarre thing is it wasn’t the hardest thing ever. I was tired by the end, and my feet really did hurt, but I thought I’d be half-dead. I was okay.

The only slight downside is that I didn’t run over the weekend because my feet hurt from the 10km, then my feet hurt from an extended day of shopping in the wrong shoes, and now it is Monday again. Hopefully I’ll go out again today, and maybe I’ll try another 10km soon. Now I’ve reached the 10km, I need to set a new Runkeeper goal. I wonder what it should be.

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