2012 Wk 22 & 23 - Back to basics

Published June 17, 2012

My weekly updates are more often than not becoming fortnightly, but that’s okay, there has been so little to report of late. This week has been a complete washout because back pain has stopped me doing anything more than walking like a robot and sitting. I don’t really know what happened, I thought at first I had just slept funny. I went for a run that first day but then as the night wore on, the pain got worse and worse.

A few days on, I’m climbing the hill to a better back, but it still twinges occasionally. I reckon I might try a slow jog/walk tomorrow and see how it goes.

The previous week was much better. I ran two thirty minute workouts and then a longer one. It was a little disappointing - I started off so comfortably (read: slowly) that as I approached 5km, it felt as though I could go on forever. 10km was easy peasy.

Of course, then I got to 6 and things started to get a bit harder, and I had to give up before hitting 7. Disappointing, but it’s the longest run I’ve done since early May.

I’d provide the graph, but the Runkeeper site is down for me at the moment. It was 1hr 3 and 6.79 km overall.

Still not sure what the best way forward for me is. I have the goal of 10km to hit, but I also want to try and encourage myself to go out more often. Sore back notwithstanding, I was starting to feel good about doing something practically every day. Last week it was three runs plus one non-run workout. Four of seven is good, now I want even more. Doing something for thirty minutes every day would be incredible - especially if it was a mix of running, weight workouts, a go on our exercise bike. That’s the ideal, we’ll see how it goes.

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