Writing on the wall

Published June 21, 2012

It’s no secret that I like whiteboards. I used to scrawl on one during live shows of Sidepodcast, and I was quick to nab one going spare at work. The trouble is, wherever I go, there seems to be a fundamental inability to stick things on walls. Whether it is because I am in rented accommodation, or because my desk is not near a wall, these small boards are always precariously leaning and almost impossible to write upon.


When we build our bunker, I want to have an entire whiteboard wall in the office, and recently, I’ve been looking at how that could be possible.

There are physical boards that you can attach to your walls, and they just so happen to be floor length. That’s quite good, but still involves attaching the thing in the first place, the possibility of it falling down, and worse, the possibility of it wobbling or creaking as you write on it.

No, what I uncovered instead is whiteboard paint. Genius! I knew there was blackboard paint, but the chalk thing has never quite done it for me. Too messy. (Having said that, the IdeaPaint people have just launched black paint without the need for chalk. Interesting! But not so great for an office wall.)

Whiteboard paint is something new to me, and very exciting. It means you can have a whiteboard no matter what the shape of your wall, or the angle. It means you can top it up when you need to, and it means there is no possibility of it becoming unattached (unless there’s a serious problem with the structure of your house).

Here’s a video of some people at Reebok using idea paint in their offices (spot the bonus Lewis Hamilton!).

Using the paint on the mannequin is really smart. I love this stuff, and I just wish I had a small patch of wall I could try it out on!

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