What is known as park life

Published November 6, 2011

After my successes in the last two weeks, I thought I’d treat myself with a visit to the countryside. Rather than pounding the pavements and wondering whether people are looking out their windows and laughing at me, I decided to head towards the trees.

This meant getting in my car, and for a while I worried that having to drive to a destination would lessen my enthusiasm - there’s something unavoidable about donning trainers, stepping out the door and being on the “track” already.

Nevertheless, my enthusiasm wasn’t dampened. In fact, I think I was quite excited about being somewhere new and went out far too fast. My first quarter kilometre had the pace at under 7minutes, which is just crazy for me. So, it’s hardly surprising that the rest of the time I was out of breath, and frankly, out of control.

Running graph

I had planned to do a full 5k, but knew that was a lost cause, so I gave up about halfway through. Which actually means that I was driving for longer than I was running which is ridiculous. Never mind though, I got to see some autumn leaves and had a quick kickabout to release my frustration.

Autumn leaves

I am sort of thinking that I’ll try running in the morning. I’ve found I’m awake far before my alarm anyway, so if I’m lying awake, I might as well get up and do something useful. I’ve run a few times early in the morning before and it hasn’t been brilliant, but I’m willing to give it another go. This week I’ll attempt a couple of runs and see what happens. No promises.

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