Friday Five - Updates on being a Villa fan

Published November 11, 2011

Back in August, I wrote about my new enthusiasm for being a football fan, after my first visit to a match earlier in the year. At the end of summer, I was all excited about following along at home - checking in with the app, catching up with Match of the Day, and trying to keep up with the scores. I figured now was as good a time as any to update how it’s going being an Aston Villa fan.

  1. I have finally learned how to pronounce Agbonlahor’s name. It has only taken four months. That’s not too bad. He and Darren Bent appear to be some kind of dream team. I like it. Haven’t seen much from that new N’Zogbia chap though.
  2. The Aston Villa Twitter feed is pretty invaluable. I’m not very good at being in the right place at the right time - for instance, we have occasionally put the TV on mute and just watched the Final Score updates via the BBC. But sometimes I forget to do that, and even worse, sometimes I forget there is even a game on. I am more likely to check Twitter, though, and the AVFC feed has 15 minute updates, punctuated by extra tweets if there are goals. Mr C and I have great fun trying to figure out what the descriptions of the goals actually mean. If we remember to watch Match of the Day, it’s good to see if we pictured it in our heads right.
  3. The goalkeeper is fabulous. Mr C said as much when I told him they’d first signed him. He knew of him from Ireland type teams, but so far he’s one of the best goalkeepers I’ve seen. That’s not saying much, of course, because I only know of about three.
  4. I very much enjoyed it when they had an unbeaten streak. They had either won or drawn and not lost a game for ages. Then they lost, and it all got very controversial and the streak was gone. Not doing too badly in terms of the Premier League table though. Somewhere about eighth or ninth, middling.
  5. After seeing my first game in January, I was pretty confident I wouldn’t want to see another. It had been fun but I certainly wasn’t addicted to it. Now I’m starting to think I could do with seeing them in action again. I’m pondering if there are any away games I could visit because I don’t really want to battle my way back to Villa Park again.

So, I can’t really be trusted when I say I’ve done something once and never want to do it again. I also can’t be trusted to be a fanatical fan for too long - as it only lasted a couple of weeks. I was keeping up with who Villa were playing, how it was going, watching the score updates, noting down the results, staying up to see Match of the Day. Now it’s more like remembering at about 4pm that they were playing someone, and then deciding to sacrifice MotD so we can fit in a film instead.

I will try and do better.

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