Roll in the Hole puts pandas in search of lollies

Published November 12, 2011

Roll Panda screenshot

It’s been a while since Baby Panda Thursday ceased to be updated on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped looking at all things cute and panda shaped. Lots of people tweet me panda related items and I love it!

I also particularly love apps and games that involve pandas. If your app has a cute panda as the icon, then you’re very likely to make a sale.

Recently, I’ve been playing - or should I say, attempting to play - Roll in the Hole, which is a panda based game of increasing difficulty. You begin with a very rotund panda, and simply navigate by pressing the left or right hand side of the screen. Your panda then rolls in that direction and hopefully picks up the lollies as he goes.

I didn’t know that pandas ate ice lollies, but there you go.

Roll Panda screenshot

I’ve found the game pretty tricky, and kinda frustrating, particularly on the levels that have a bouncing aspect to them. In the screenshot to the left, you roll the panda off the little grassy knoll at the top, then bounce off to the right. I can barely ever get the panda bouncing in the right direction. It’s annoying because I think there are a lot more levels to go, and I can barely get past the first ten or so. Mr C is much better than I am at it, but he has less of an attention span for things like this.

The panda makes some sweet little faces, there are some fabulous sound effects and the music is kinda catchy. I also think if I could actually get onto different levels there would be some more interesting backgrounds to view as well. I’m not that good though. Still, it made for a cute half hour of entertainment, even if I gave up on it pretty quickly.

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