Underground skyscraper - your pyramid is upside down

Published October 1, 2011

Why settle for a simple bunker underground when you can have an entire skyscraper delving into the depths of the earth? The BNKR Arquitectura company (great URL, by the way), have come up with a concept for an upside down pyramid for the middle of Mexico City. Starting with a wide opening at the top, the pyramid piles layer upon layer going down into a single point. There’s a great full-length picture here, whilst the top looks something like this.

Mexico underground skyscraper plans

Humans Invent have an excellent post about the design, which features a quote on how the lighting might work:

To solve this, BNKR Arquitectura plans to cover the roof of the Earthscraper with a glass floor spanning the entire surface area of the structure. It will let natural light seep in, and illuminate the subterranean structure, which, BNKR Arquitectura says, also “allows the life of the Earthscraper to blend with everything happening on top.

That’s all very well and good but only explains away a couple of layers. I’m assuming the further down the go, the more likely you are to be looking at fake windows and Back to the Future style projections on the blinds.

The article also looks at some other subterranean projects, including Perdu and a couple of others. For my own reference and further investigation:

  • The Earth House in South Korea, designed and built by architect Byoung Cho
  • Bolton Eco House built for footballer Gary Neville
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