Friday Five - Thoughts on Strictly Come Dancing contestants

Published September 30, 2011

I don’t watch that much reality TV. At the moment, I’m favouring The Great British Bake-Off, which is hard to class as reality TV because everyone involved is so nice and friendly, and it’s just like a giant tea party every week. Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight, and that is a show I do watch.

I can’t stand Tess or Bruce, I don’t like the pointless results show, I think the singing is atrocious, and the judging can be embarrassing. One of the best bits about the actual format of the show itself was Claudia on It Takes Two, and she’s not even doing that this year.

What I do like, though, is the partnerships between the dancers and the celebrities, and the dancing itself. Which I suppose is what it is ultimately all about. So, here are the five celebrities I’m watching for this year.

  • Anita Dobson

Last year, I was always quite irritated that Pamela Stephenson was always introduced and referenced as the wife of Billy Connelly. And then he would be sitting in the audience smiling and waving and the focus was on him rather than her. That makes me quite the hypocrite because this year I can’t wait to see the lovely Brian May. He’d better be there supporting her, and they’d better show him!

  • Holly Valance

Really, I have to support Holly because Mr C likes her and it means I might get away with watching more Strictly stuff around him, if someone he actually likes remains in the competition. Also, she’s dancing with Artem and I loved Artem last year.

  • Harry from McFly

I quite liked McFly a few years ago, but I’ve no idea what they’ve been doing recently. Harry was always my favourite, although tucked away at the back behind the drums so you could barely see him. I think Harry took part in one of the charity specials for Children in Need, didn’t he? He’ll have a head start. I also can’t wait to hear the Strictly singers murdering a McFly tune.

  • Jason Donovan

Jason appears to have two left feet but makes up for it in energy. I don’t really have any specific reasons for wanting him to do well, but he seems quite likeable  and enthusiastic.

  • Alex Jones I’m only vaguely aware of Alex Jones because she replaced that woman off The One Show and people commented on how they looked exactly the same. I’ve just recently decided I like her because her training video showed that she was having quite a lot of fun.

Strictly Come Dancing contestants

Last year, I watched everything Strictly related I could get my hands on, but this year, I’m secretly glad that I won’t watch It Takes Two, and that really my only investment is the Saturday night show. Gooo Brian! Anita!

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