Living underground the mansion way

Published August 9, 2011

Stumbled across this video from March last year of a proposed underground mansion. Actually there are two videos, the first is a report from Granada which gives a clearer idea of what the mansion is all about. The second video has more images and less chatter from irritating presenters - it’s actually got no sound at all which is a little disconcerting. Here’s the first though:

Video no longer available.

In January this year, the designers, Huntsmere, won an award before the building had even been started - the Best Property Award 2010. I can’t see that work ever actually began. That article suggests there should have been builders in during the early part of the year, but a different article suggests work wouldn’t begin until a buyer was found, and that was proving harder than they’d like.

I did, however, discover a pdf brochure for the building which is full of similar pictures, marketing speak, but some interesting floorplans - which are also available on the Huntsmere website.

I love the circular concept, basing all the rooms off a big pool of light in the centre, but I am disconcerted by the lack of walls. I guess you want to spread the light around as much as possible, but I do like a nice room with four walls and a door. What I love most, though, aside from the pool slide, is that the plans show underground living doesn’t have to be dark and dingy.

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