Wordpress helps you blog more (not wholly unselfishly)

Published October 10, 2011

I’m really loving some of the features Wordpress are bringing out. I can’t remember if I already mentioned the Copy a Post feature before - but even if I have it bears repeating. I don’t quite know how I ever managed to live without it. For anyone who is not in the know, you simply find a post you want to replicate, click a button, and it brings up that post as a whole new one, so you can tweak to your hearts content. For things like Film Watch, and the Casual Reader posts, where the formatting is all the same, it’s genius.

Then, when you hit publish, this appears.

Wordpress screenshot

I’ve had to shrink things a bit, so that may not be as clear as I’d like, but there is so much more information there than there used to be. Firstly, they want to help you make the post better - you are informed how many words it was, and there are some tag suggestions to help you out.

On the right, though, there are prompts in case you’re ready to keep on writing. I’m assuming they are in line with Wordpress’ Daily Post blog, which has almost been going for a whole year. The challenge there was to write a blog post every single day, with the help of Wordpress and their prompts. I’ve never really been big on the whole prompt thing, I sort of feel that if you’re forcing yourself to write about something, it might not be as interesting as you’d like. I can certainly see the benefit though, and plenty of people have been loving the helping hand the prompts give.

With that and all the great themes the team keep on bringing out, it’s a wonder that there’s ever time for anything but blogging!

There is always a downside though, and never forget that WP are also trying to steal credit for your work. As I tweeted back in August…

Tweet from mrschristine: “Am I missing a way to tweak the Wordpress Twitter share button in admin? It says ‘via wordpressdotcom’ but it’s not via them, it’s via me.”

But thankfully there is a solution!

Tweet from Waqas Ali: “Here is how to get a Tweet button, via me, instead of wordpressdotcom.”

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