What's more endless than an Endless Pool?

Published September 27, 2011

A long while ago, I discussed the concept of Endless Pools and how very much I wanted one. Actually, back then, I wanted to set up a business - rows and rows of Endless Pools to save people having to swim in a communal pool. Now I am over that nonsense, and would just adore to have a pool to myself.

Recently, I’ve spotted a couple of adverts for Endless Pools and thought I’d have a look at the website and see what has changed.

First thing I noticed was that they have a free iPod/iPad app, which is really just the same content as the website but in a touch friendly format.

They’ve got a couple of new pools. It used to just be the Original Endless Pool, the outdoor one, and the one you could put in an existing pool. Now there’s a Spa pool and a hydrotherapy one as well. What has really caught my eye, however, is the treadmill in the bottom of the pool.

It’s two parts of a triathlon all in one training piece. All you need is a bike in there too, and you’re done. I want, want, want, but I must admit, I’ve not yet decided how the Endless Pool fits in with my bunker plans.

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