The possibilities are endless

Published June 14, 2009

When it comes to getting up and about and trying to exercise, I tend to flit from one thing to another. Nothing really captures my attention, except swimming.

I do not like to go to the local swimming pool because (and this is probably another of my weird traits) there is no way of seeing how busy it is before you go in, and yet I don’t want there to be any kind of window with outsiders peering in once you get in the water.

I am hard to please.

Anyway, I recently found out what I really want, and it’s not going to be cheap: Endless Pools.

It’s touted as the swimming version of the treadmill, and is a great thing for those who don’t want to install an entire pool in their homes.

There are three options, the Original installed pool as shown above, the Fastlane Pool which is a more temporary type, and then the Fastlane, which is simply the motor system to be attached to an existing pool.

I really, really want one. I wouldn’t have anywhere near the funds, and I have nowhere to put the pool, but it is the dream.

I also think there is a business plan somewhere in there, to get a couple of Endless Pools in private little rooms, and rent them out to the public for an hour or something at a time. I can imagine that swimming privately would be quite an attractive proposition.

It would take quite a hefty initial outlay though. Anyone got a spare £20k?

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