No turning back

Published July 18, 2010

Yesterday, I posted the results of my Alphabet Adventure when it comes to the letter G. As you may have gathered from the posts of Edinburgh, Falkirk and Gretna, I took a quick trip to Scotland to take in some of the scenery.

I must say, for some reason, I really like things like this:

Last house in Scotland

Because I drove past it, and just around the corner was the sign saying ‘Welcome to England.’ I was so impressed that I turned around to take the above picture, and on the way back I noticed a sign had a message on the reverse. It was pointing out it was the First House in Scotland.

I love it!

I remember one day Mr C and I were driving towards Portland Bill, a sort of islandy type peninsula near Weymouth and it said we had passed the last petrol station in that direction. I laughed and pointed, and generally quite enjoyed the sign.

Then we almost ran out of fuel, and I wasn’t quite so happy that we had already passed the last petrol station.

I also particularly enjoyed our trip to Cornwall, when we visited Land’s End, and of course Lizard Point - the most southerly part of England.

I don’t know why this stuff is so intriguing, but it just is, isn’t it?

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