Cornwall 2005, day five: In which we are constantly distracted

Published August 4, 2005

Peering out the window today, I saw sunshine. We were at Land’s End by ten o’clock. It was beautiful. Look at the beautiful blue sky.

Land’s End

That photo was taken as proof that at least one day was sunny.

Our next stop was Lizard Point. We’d done the furthest West and now wanted to do the furthest South, but as we were trundling along through the countryside, Mr C spotted a satellite: Goonhilly Earth Station. It was relatively cheap to get in and we stood taking loads of pictures of Arthur, the oldest satellite at the station.

Arthur satellite

When we got in the door, we were accosted by a woman who stuck a sticker on us and herded us back out the door and onto the tour bus. 40 minutes later and we were enlightened on all things Satellite and could finally get to the gift shop that we’d wanted to see in the first place. That was until we saw the wall of BT Propaganda and just headed straight back out of the door.

We raced the clouds to Lizard Point but they were beating us all the way and by the time we got there, the wind was starting to pick up. I pointed and Mr C took this amazing shot.

Lizard Point

Next stop was St Michael’s Mount but the tide was in and we had no clue when it was going to be back out again, so we decided to give that a miss until next time. Yes, you heard me, I said next time. Did I forget to mention? Mr C said he would like to come back another time. Hallelujah! Mission accomplished.

St Michael’s Mount

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