They miss him!!

Published July 22, 2010

There was no Franck Montagny at the Superleague race in Zolder this past weekend, and we aren’t the only ones who missed him.

Firstly, the team finished 12th in the first race and 10th in the third (which sounds better but is actually only second to last).

Meanwhile, there’s a post on the Superleague site today suggesting the team aren’t happy without him. Apologies for the rather dodgy Google translation:

Franck Montagny is not only a driver swerved to good for any team that is he is also a character and an attraction in itself.  There were less this weekend of fun and winks fun in the garage.

I don’t know what winks fun is but it sounds like they really missed it. Franck’s ex-sort of teammate, Tristan Gommendy, said nice things about him, including “it’s always positive when he’s there. We will need him.” And team manager of I think the Barazi-Epsilon team said of FKM: “It is obviously someone I want in the team. For sure.”

Will he make a comeback?

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