I am not a water spout

Published June 7, 2010

I popped outside and when I returned I found a spider had decided to join me. It perched on my shoulder, so I swiped it off, but unbeknownst to me, it had webbing attached. It clung to my leg and remained there until someone else spotted it and did the swiping for me. The spider was returned to whence it came.

I don’t mind spiders. I can’t say I am partial to having one crawl all over me but I was not as freaked out as my colleague was, and as I know many people would be.

I am curious about the after effects though. I am suddenly conscious of tickling sensations on me now, perhaps imagining there are creepy crawlies where there are not. This is a familiar feeling, after interactions with bugs, it’s not a surprise to feel a bit scratchy. I’m assuming that’s where the “makes my skin crawl” phrase comes from.

What is that about, though?

Is it a reflex to make us more aware and thus hopefully find a follow-up spider more quickly?

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