Dear diary and more

Published April 13, 2010

I found Journler a while ago, downloaded it and then never really used it. When I started tinkering around with writing again, I sort of opened it up, but when I went to the site I discovered that development on it has stopped. Support is still there, and it’s still available to download, but there is nothing in the pipeline.

Journler screenshot

It’s a shame, because whilst I haven’t used it extensively, it’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I’ve taken out the journal aspect of it, and use it to write things down. Anything. Whatever is in my head. There can be any number of new entries at the top, and down the side they can be grouped together and easily accessed, via folder or smart folder.

It solves the problem I have with word documents, where they get too big if you keep everything together, but if you break it all up, it’s clunky to move from one to the other.

It does some other fancy things too such as audio, video and photo and exporting to iPods and suchlike. But I don’t suppose I should try and sell it to you (technically it’s free) now that it is a stagnant project.

Isn’t it typical to find the perfect thing once it is already a thing of the past?

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