Of weights and scales

Published April 15, 2010

Here is what I don’t understand. They say that exercise is good for you. “Get moving,” they say.

So I did. I got and I moved.

And now, two days later, I can’t move. My legs hurt.

I don’t think that’s quite what they had in mind. (Who’s they, anyway?)

On the subject of diet and exercise, a new way of using the internet is to humiliate yourself thin. The humiliation diet is not a new concept - most of the groups out there, Weightwatchers and the like, run on the fact you have to go somewhere and weigh in, facing up to what you’ve done during the week.

Leo Laporte has been tweeting his weight every day with a Withings scale - “The Internet Connected Body Scale.” You set it up, stand on it, and your weight has been broadcast to the world before you can change your mind. It does other things as well, but that is the scariest feature.

Leo’s VP at TWiT, Dane Golden, also has a Twitter style plan. On the account Dane’s Fitness, he’s basically keeping track of his weight and measurements, along with everything he eats. The description:

Follow along in my year-long diet/art project as I photo and tweet all my exercise, everything I eat or drink (not water), daily weight and waist.

There are photos every day of all the food consumed, and actually, it makes me kinda hungry to read it.

Now, we already know that Leo has his whole life on the internet, and it wasn’t really a surprise to see him tweeting his weight. But what do you think? I know I could never do it, and I get the feeling a lot of girls would agree.

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