Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 2 - The Beast Below

Published April 11, 2010

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I didn’t manage to catch this live, which means I’ve already let myself down a little bit, however, it was worth waiting for. A few thoughts on the latest episode of Doctor Who.

It very much reminded me of Gridlock - the episode where there were all those car type things stuck on a motorway type thing. The idea of the human race stuck inside, trying to find a way of living without upsetting the beast below. There were thoughts on the last episode that this series of Doctor Who would be influenced by Douglas Adams. I’m not sure about that as I haven’t read or seen anything Hitchhiker related.

The Beast Below was so very Terry Pratchett though, wasn’t it? A civilisation flying around on the back of an animal? Hmm. It was also a bit Matrix-like - do you choose the blue pill or the red pill? Accept it or forget? Referencing great sci-fi stuff is good, but it all seems a bit obvious to me. Good stories though, I’m certainly not complaining.

Doctor Who series 5 episode 2

Anyway, the relationship between the Doctor and Amy developed plenty this time round. He’s never been quite so demanding of an assistant before, instantly sending her off on a mission the moment they’d landed. Pushing her to be able to see what’s going on the same way he does. He seems more eager to train her up than we’ve seen in previous incarnations. Before it was as if he just wanted company, now maybe he knows he needs help?

Poor Amy having to run around in a nightdress for the episode. Like when DT had to run around in pyjamas. How gross was it when they fell into the tongue?

Finally, I liked two quotes in particular.

“Don’t know, I think a lot, it’s hard to keep track.”

“This isn’t going to be big on dignity.”

Bring on next week!

Oh, and Lukeh has started up a fabulous Doctor Who-centric blog called Wibbly Wobbly Bloggy Woggy, which you must subscribe to. Go do it now!

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