What I would do with a windfall

Published October 2, 2009

If I gave you £100 (or equivalent currency) right now to spend on non-essential things, what would you buy? Would you get a lot of little things or one expensive thing?

My friend was telling me that she and her husband save a little money every week and put it away for the January sales. Then, they split the cash, head in opposite directions and meet up later. He has always splashed out on one item, such as a really nice jacket, whilst my friend has about fifty bags on her, from various different shops.

If you are being frivolous, does bargain hunting matter, or is getting something you really want more important?

After giving it some careful though, I decided that I have such a short attention span, I would rather buy lots of things. In fact, I even decided what things I would get:

  • A set of 4 tumblers from The Green Glass Company (£20.41 as converted by Google and not counting shipping)
  • Lucky Charms and Pretzel Flipz from American Soda (£11.29 including shipping)
  • The Counting Money Jar (£14.99 as featured here previously
  • Red Bull Racing jacket (£35.67 as converted by Google and not counting shipping - I don’t have a favourite team but this does look nice and snuggly warm)
  • Hearts & Bones DVD (£13.98 - because even though we don’t have a DVD player, I looooved this show and somehow I don’t see it being available on iTunes anytime soon)

That gives me a total of £96.34, give or take the odd shipping charge.

I’m interested how you would approach a £100 windfall, and I’m also curious to come back to this list at a later date and see if I splashed out on any of the items, or if my feelings towards it have changed.

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