Brightening up the work day

Published August 13, 2009

If you work in an office it can be quite a grind, but there are loads of toys and gadgets out there to help the day go a little bit faster. Here are some of my favourite ones at the moment.

Henry Hoover

The Desktop Henry Hoover is an ideal gadget because not only is it cute and a talking point, but it also cleans your desk! It takes a couple of batteries, and apparently the suction has been greatly improved from when it was first released. If you’re worried about getting biscuit crumbs on your desk, then the Henry Hoover might help. There is also a Hetty Hoover in pink, for anyone who wants a woman’s touch. Part of me really wants one of these, but then I wonder how noisy they are?

Money Jar

I have one of those enormous whiskey bottles at home to keep stray pennies in (didn’t get to drink the original contents, sadly), and part of the fun is deciding to empty it out and count up what has been found down the back of the sofa. However, this little gizmo - the Counting Money Jar - will keep a running total, which might be more useful. It recognises the money that you put in, and you can enter any amounts you take out, so you’ll always know how much your rainy day savings contains.

Candy Grabber

It’s all too easy to sit and snack at your desk, but the Candy Grabber makes you work for your mid-afternoon treat. Bringing back memories of all those times you’ve stood in the arcades, desperate to win that Spongebob toy, £50 note or rather snazzy watch. (Anyone else think the prizes have lost some of their charm recently?) Anyway, it comes with tokens, so you don’t even have to part with your hard-earned cash. Although, you do have to provide the contents in the first place, so you’re not really gaining anything, except perhaps some wicked fairground skills.

Magic Fish Bowl

Now onto something I actually really want - the Magic FishBowl. Instead of having to mess about with real life fish, and the cleaning and food they require, why not have inanimate objects instead? The glory of this toy is some batteries go in the bottom, you fill up the bowl with actual water (who said electricity and water shouldn’t mix?) and the fish magically move around, providing hours of entertainment. I’m slightly concerned I would spend too much time watching them meander about rather than working, but it would be great fun naming them.

Decision Maker

Finally, we have the Spinning Executive Decision Maker which actually helps with our decision making woes from a few months ago. This decision maker simply requires a spin and the results are known to you almost instantly. If you want an excuse to procrastinate, this might be the very tool, but be warned, it may also tell you to pull your socks up and work a bit harder. Either way, with all these goodies on one desk, it would be hard to actually see the tasks you have to do, let alone get on with it!

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