Autumn catchup

Published October 21, 2009

It’s very quiet in Franckland at the moment - by the way, wouldn’t that be the best theme park ever? The only bit of news doing the rounds is a rumour about a potential 2010 F1 drive with Renault. From what I can see the source is this interview [link no longer available], which was about the Singapore scandal, and doesn’t mention driving for the team at all. My French is not that great though, so perhaps I am wrong.

In much more important news, I had an email from a Sidepodcast listener in the US - Steve - who had been to see Franck in action at Petit Le Mans. The email goes something like this:

While at the track on Friday, the series hosts an autograph session with the drivers. I made my way over to the Peugeot table to get Franck’s signature. When I got up to the table, I asked Franck if he had heard of Christine from I don’t know if he had been hearing your name from other fans that day, or is a fan of the show himself, but he immediately looked up and with a smile said: “Yes, I know Christine…on the internet right?” The driver next to him (Lamy?) then immediately started teasing him.

As he was preparing to sign the Peugeot poster, I requested that he sign it to you. I’ve attached a photo of the poster showing where he wrote “To Christine, big kiss!”

Franck Montagny poster

Steve attached the picture, and then sent the original poster on to me which arrived just a few days ago. It’s awesome!

We’ve just moved house so I haven’t put it on the wall yet, but it will certainly go pride of place in our new abode. Thanks Steve, and of course Franck!

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