Baby Panda Thursday #34

Published October 22, 2009

Thanks to Kara who pointed me towards the San Diego video page via Twitter. There are all the videos we had on the last Baby Panda Thursday, plus some more ridiculously cute ones. However, we must move on from the videos, as I am crazy jealous of the people who get to play with baby pandas for a living. Instead, let’s look at some more crafts and stuff.

Panda Button

I like this badge/button thing, and there are a couple of others available on Steppie’s Etsy page. The nerd one is also a good one! However, I’m not sure what you are supposed to do with badge/buttons? My bag is not a material made for piercing, and my coat is similarly uncooperative.

These are sweet, if a little square:

Crafted plush pandas

Credit: Titchables/Flickr

A purse!


From Happybee on Etsy.

Panda Wheels

And finally, this push along toy thing.

For some reason this really appeals to me, although I’ve never seen a panda with wheels before. Also, the blunt nose makes it look a little bit like a cow. That’s okay though, I kinda like cows too.

More info here.

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