Pick a picture

Published October 20, 2009

It’s always a bit of a struggle to find decent pictures for your blog. You either have to go with something you’ve taken yourself, or start battling with copyright free imagery. The answer could lie in a genius new site called PicApp. Mr C has written about this over on Sidepodcast and says:

PicApp reimburse content providers via advertisements that appear when you rollover the images or during specified time intervals of inactivity. It has to be said, we’ve yet to see this in action, so it’s hard to judge how obtrusive the advertising might be. Assuming though that you can live with what appears to be a fair exchange, PicApp seems like a fine idea.

Here goes nothing.

Photo no longer available.

A picture of the delicious Hugh Jackman. Just because I can (can’t now!). I definitely recommend checking PicApp out. They even have pandas!

I know a few of the F1 bloggers have started using the pictures to great effect, and it certainly makes illustrating your words a lot more fun.

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