LibriVox: Grace Harlowe''s Plebe Year at High School

Published August 12, 2009

LibriVox is an organisation with a simple goal - to make all public domain works accessible in audiobook form. I’ve been involved for a long while now, part of an enormous group of volunteers who record chapters, poems and entire books to attempt to reach this goal.

My latest solo book has been catalogued: Grace Harlowe’s Plebe Year at High School. It’s one of those books that is probably aimed at young adults, but is secretly interesting to all. It reminds me of the Famous Five books, although perhaps the adventures are a little less mysterious and more humble. The story follows Grace and her friends as they navigate their first year through High School.

Naturally, it’s not straight forward, as the gang find themselves up against rivals in their own class, in the year above, and even in the teaching pool. They have parties, go on adventures in the woods, and even face off against wolves. It’s never peaceful in Grace’s world.

Having enjoyed recording this book, I’ve moved on to the next one in the series, which naturally follows Grace’s second year at High School. There are many more books ahead, as we follow the girls through four years of High School, four of College, and then some post-education adventures as well. I don’t know how many of these I’ll record, but for now it is great fun.

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