Never mind

Published August 12, 2009

This is singularly the best moment from Never Mind the Buzzcocks ever.

In my opinion, Buzzcocks got better when Simon Amstell took over, although some of his humour was, it’s fair to say, evil. Bill Bailey also made a great addition, and his weird moments could be very amusing.

Bailey left and was replaced by guest captains, then Amstell left to be replaced by guest hosts. Apparently Noel Fielding and Phil Jupitus are now the full time captains. Funny enough, I guess, but not NMTB at its best.

I reckon the show should have called it quits a series or so ago. There are only so many times you can pick on guests before they won’t bother coming back, and there are only so many musicians in the world who would want to appear on such a show. It doesn’t exactly do your credibility a lot of good, especially if you are simply there to be picked on.

Some of the rounds suffer as well, especially the lineup. Normally, a fading popstar or one hit wonder appears amidst a line up of four or five, and the audience are privy to their appearance on Top of the Pops to try and guess who it is. Top of the Pops is no longer on our screens, and there can’t be that many more obscure artists that haven’t been covered. Especially as there are so many comebacks at the moment!

I saw a taping of Never Mind the Buzzcocks once and it was a good few hours of laugh out loud moments interspersed with some moments of “what’s going on?” I think perhaps the trouble is the WTF sections are the ones making it onto the screen more and more.

Still, we will always have Amstell’s moment in the chair.

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