The Great Gardening Adventure – Week 8 (oops, missed one)

Published July 18, 2009

I appear to have grown a cucumber.

A hand displays a green cucumber

I don’t quite know how this happened. One minute it was all leaves, then the yellow flower, and suddenly there’s a big, green cucumber growing. I did take some pictures last week but forgot to do anything with them, and I can tell you this vegetable has more than doubled in size over the course of a week.

At either end, it looks like a cucumber should, nice and dark green, and glossy. In the middle, it’s a bit… I hesitate to say withered but that seems like the right word. I think it will fill out as it grows, but it certainly doesn’t look appetising at the moment.


Green tomatoes hanging on the vine

When I said these were baby tomatoes, I might have got the wrong end of the stick. These are already almost the right size for proper tomatoes, so I am expecting some signs of redness soon.

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