Being human can be fun

Published July 17, 2009

I remember writing a piece for The BBC Blog when Being Human got recommissioned for BBC Three. At the time, I said:

Personally, I couldn’t get through the first episode, but it was even successful on the iPlayer. The first two episodes were the most watched at the time, and the website has seen a soar in hits.

Well, as it turns out, they have been repeating the first season, presumably in preparation for the second to begin soon. I gave it another go on the iPlayer and absolutely loved it. Perhaps I wasn’t in the mood previously.

There is only one more episode left before the reruns are over, so this isn’t exactly a timely recommendation for it or anything, but I wanted to point how awesome the accompanying website is. In a blog form, the BBC are going all out to provide behind the scenes videos, Q+As with the writers, fan questions to the actors, a place to discuss each episode, plus teasers and reminders of things that have already happened.

The only thing I’ve seen reach this level of interactiveness without becoming an internet thing is the Official LOST Podcast from ABC, which is a direct line to the writers as well. It’s not quite the same thing though, and the BBC get a big thumbs up from me for this.

Some of the recent insights:

You may not be remotely interested in ghosts, werewolves and vampires, but even so, this is impressive stuff.

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