It all started with glitter

Published May 30, 2009

I was digging around the internet and uncovered some entries from my earliest foray into blogging. I was there as blogging was becoming big, not one of the early adopters, but definitely before it became mainstream to own a domain and a site.

My blogging instrument of choice was, which, now I look at it, is awful. Sadly, I was one of those early bloggers who didn’t try and be profound (although that may be a blessing in disguise) but preferred to give highly insightful details into the comings and goings of daily life.

Such as:

Thursday, December 12th 2002 - Christmas

I cannot decide whether I like Christmas or not. Last night we put the tree up and it looks amazing, it really does. However, my friend decided she wanted to spray the tree with glitter, so the whole of our room is completely covered yet there’s hardly a drop on the tree. Ah, well, we have to get into the spirit, right?

Another day:

Sunday, December 15th 2002 - Brothers

Because my brother is away at the moment and has limited space available, I get to look after all his videos for him. I have collected from him all the series’ of Friends that are out, and today he brought me six seasons of Buffy. Now this is a real treat, because I only manage to catch the occasional Buffy episode and although I love it, I never seem to know what’s going on. So now, I can watch them all in the comfort of my bed and catch up with all the demons and monster gossip that goes on in Sunnydale.

Those were the days, when lying in bed watching videos (videos!) and munching on popcorn was the best way to spend my free time. Also, I’m not sure why I entitled this post Brothers, when it is clearly all about Sarah Michelle Geller.


Saturday, December 21st 2002 - Lord of the Rings

It’s just… amazing. I mean, even that word doesn’t do it justice, I’m honestly speechless about it and there’s few things that can have that effect on me. Two thoughts – Orlando Bloom, beautiful man! I could never get a crush on him, but my god… he’s beautiful! And secondly, the scenery? I can’t even begin to describe it. I love a film that I can get totally lost in, and this one I did. Twice I realized I’d just been gaping at the screen open-mouthed, and once I realized I was actually biting my nails, something I never do. Even though I’ve read the books, I was still completely in awe of everything that happened… I can’t believe how amazing it truly was.

My god woman, shut up! I don’t even remember liking it that much, but clearly I did. I know we went to see the second film many, many times, but I assumed that’s because my friend was a fan of the Bloom. Perhaps I have been lying to myself this whole time!

Anyways, from Blurty, I moved on to Angelfire, then Geocities, and then I started with domain names and hosting packages. However, I guess that is another chapter in my online life that is better told another time.

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