Franck @ Autosport - LMS

Published January 11, 2009

During his second day at Autosport International, Franck chose to talk about his prospects with Peugeot Sport.

Having worked with them for the 24 Hour Le Mans race in 2008, Franck quickly signed up to continue racing with them this year, but at the moment, he doesn’t know to what extent his workload will be.

I am with the team for 2009, I don’t know exactly what my programme will be, I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m really dedicated to winning Le Mans and if to win Le Mans I have to do many races before, I will. If it’s to do many races with Peugeot, I will give 100 per cent priority to Peugeot over anything else.

This makes his IRL talk during the previous day on stage a little bit redundant but at least it means he’s keeping his options open. Winning Le Mans would be brilliant, and as a Franck fan, it would make staying awake for 24 hours worth every second.

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