The good ship lollipop

Published January 20, 2009

I’ve never really understood Lollipop Ladies/Men. (Have never seen a lollipop man before, though.)

In this day and age of excruciating Health and Safety, it’s acceptable for the council to pay someone to step out into the path of oncoming traffic. Seems odd.

I also think it’s better for children to learn how to use actual street crossings. Those traffic lights are put there for a reason, you know. Otherwise, aren’t they just being lulled into a false sense of security, that there will always be someone waiting, ready to pop up and stop the traffic as soon as you desire to cross the road? I can honestly say, it’s not like that once you grow up.

I see two Lollipop People (that sounds more like a tribe - the lollipop people) on my journey to work. One of them goes about her business quite happily, and I respect the yellow sign telling me to stop. The other, though, is a lollipop lady on a pelican crossing.

Surely that is overkill?

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