Happy New Year

Published December 31, 2008

I don’t usually make resolutions, as I know I’ll either break them or have forgotten them by the end of January. However, I had already been talked into doing so over at, so I thought I might as well share my three very simple resolutions for 2009.

  1. Try and stick to a Wii Fit schedule. I enjoy it when I do it but quite often forget and only remember when I’m tucked up in bed.
  2. Be a bit more house proud. I spend a lot of time in the one room - office - and often leave the rest of the flat to ruin. I want to pay more attention and try and keep things “nice”.
  3. Stick to one kind of to-do list. In my endless quest to find the ideal to-do list, I have spread my tasks all over the internet, the desktop, and my notepads. If I stick to one, then at least I’ve got a central place to adapt to my needs.

Like all good resolutions, you should just start them when you think of them, rather than waiting for a specific day. I have already been mindful of these in the last two weeks, but I think January will be the real test.

Nevertheless, have fun making your own resolutions, and welcoming the new year in if you are doing so. All that’s left to say is Happy New Year.

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