Life's a Picnik

Published December 28, 2008

The Mac doesn’t really have any cheap and cheerful image editing software. You’ve got the very limited features of iPhoto, and then you’ve got the expensive software of Fireworks and others. I don’t do that much image editing, as I let the other half invest in the software. However, as I intend to blog more, I at least want the ability to resize and crop as needed.

I discovered recently, and it is amazing.

There are two versions - free and premium - however the free one does everything I need. You upload the photo, select it, and moments later, you’re playing around with the crop feature, the exposure, colours and sharpening. All the ingredients needed to make a photo that little bit better without spending a penny. The auto-correct feature is also very handy if you’re stuck for time.

I don’t know if it’s the meadowy green, childlike layout but Picnik really appeals to me. There’s no navigating dull grey menus trying to find what you’re looking for. Everything you need is an easy button click away, and the options are all really clear and simple to navigate. I highly recommend it as an addition to your bookmarks.

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