They either say yes or no

Published August 11, 2006

I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I sent a script off to the BBC.

BBC Writersroom encourages unsolicited scripts, and they’ll get read and examined for scriptwriting talent.

I got my script back yesterday, just over two months since I sent it in, and obviously, they didn’t like it.

Big shock. It’s only the second story I’ve ever finished, and the first script I’ve ever written, so I’m surprised I had the audacity to send it in, really.

What I am happy about, though, is that the rejection hasn’t put me off. This letter from the BBC is taking pride of place on my desk, and is a real incentive to do better next time. I want to keep trying, and to make them see that I can do it. I can write things.

It makes me want to try harder.

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