Attack of the giant silver ball

Published August 10, 2006

I got home last night and an enormous silver ball came flying out of the main room into the hallway. Thankfully, I had moved out of the way from my usual “removing shoes” position, and the ball missed me.

For a second, I thought I was unknowingly in a remake of The Prisoner.

Turns out it was just a gym ball.

Has anyone tried to use one of these? I never realised how bad my balance actually is.

I can sit on it, perfectly balanced, as though it was a space hopper and I’m about to bounce around like a little kid.

But to try and get into any of the positions that the little workout guide that came with it suggests, is just silly. Put my feet where? How does that work? I am forever rolling off.

If by some miracle I manage to get balanced enough to keep still for five seconds, I’m then supposed to do an exercise after that?

Pah. I’ll stick with sitting in my armchair and eating chocolate, thanks.

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