I'm not sure anyone understands

Published June 23, 2006

The comment spam has caught up with me. It was only a matter of time. Actually, there was a spate of it a month or so ago, (it started the day after I commented on someone else’s website to say I’d never had any - now that’s irony!), but we put in a temporary fix by closing the older comment forms.

However, I came across some spam on my latest entry. It may have been a one-off, but it’s unlikely.

I, and Google, think that there isn’t a particular way of blocking spam for PHP, that doesn’t involve Wordpress. Which leaves me with only a few options.

  1. Get Mr C to write me a spam blocker. This would take him years and years and years and he would not be able to leave the house for working on it, so not really an option.
  2. Put in some kind of identification in the comments. Like logging in or something, I really don’t want to make the comment process more complicated for people. I know from doing Must Comment Monday that the more things you have to fill in, the less inclined you are to comment. My ambition to have comments open to everyone is really being my downfall.
  3. Change to Wordpress. I don’t want to.
  4. Close comments. Pah.
  5. Give up blogging. As if.

Faced with the option of giving up my blog to Wordpress, I had a serious blogging wobble. I have nothing against people who use Wordpress. I read many blogs that use it, and they are wonderful. I don’t like it because I’m not a fan of things that everyone uses (ie. Flickr, myspace, etc). But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

It also breaks my heart because I have spent literally years making this website what it is. I’ve coded and cried and begged Mr C to help me, and I’ve set up domain names and databases and coded and written and coded some more. No one would know it from the outside, it doesn’t have ‘Hand-Coded’ written in shiny neon letters, but I know it. And it’s special to me. How many projects do I actually keep up with for three plus years?

It was a wrench to put 101 Words over to a hosted blog page, but I figured that I still had Woke Up This Morning, I was still doing alright. Now what?

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