This is just not cricket

Published June 22, 2006

I was watching the football last night - Argentina vs Holland was promising to be a fantastic game and yet there were no goals whatsoever, how disappointing - and I suddenly realised how much sport I watch these days.

When I was a kid, and I was a little bit plump, and PE was hell, and they turned my school into a sports college which was my worst nightmare and I am not bitter about at all, I hated sports. The only sports I could stand to watch was Wimbledon because hey, Tim Henman was going to win one day!!

Now, a few years later, I watch all sorts. I like the darts, I like athletics, I like swimming, I like motorsports, I like the tennis, I liked the Olympics, and now I seem to like football as well.

In fact, the only sport I haven’t really got to grips with is cricket. It’s too complicated, a bit slow, and very boring. But perhaps that’s just because no one has explained to me how it works. If I understood that as well, I’d probably be it’s biggest fan, and I would sit at home, order Sky Sports and never leave the house.

However, now I must leave the house and go to work. No sport there!

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