Canada 2006: Driver of the day

Published June 26, 2006

I had to think for a while about this one. It was a quiet day for a lot of the drivers. I don’t remember even hearing Webber’s name, Alonso kept his head down at the front, Button had a quiet day until Coulthard overtook him.

The main focus was on Schumacher, desperate to catch up to the front, and Villeneuve, as it was his home race.

Either way, I was going to put Raikkonen down as my driver of the day, because he did a superb job of holding back Mr S, that is, until the last minute when he had an issue with a chicane. Regardless of whether it was his fault or not, letting the red car flash past is an unforgiveable action.

So, Coulthard gets it. He started at the back, after a late engine penalty, stormed his way through the field, and finally picked up a point. He did have to push past my beloved Jenson to do so, but to be fair, JB isn’t really up to the job at the moment.

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