Impatience? Not a virtue

Published June 28, 2006

I think I’ve told you about how I read the entire first season of LOST through transcripts before it was aired in the UK. This wasn’t the cleverest thing for me to do, because I was discussing each episode with a colleague of mine and suddenly started getting confused with what I had seen and what I had read. I stopped watching, but kept up the pretence of talking about the show without actually saying anything.

This season, I’ve done the exact same thing, even though I told myself I wouldn’t. But, this time it’s different. I’m still watching the series on the television, and I’m much clearer in my mind about what I’ve seen and what I haven’t.

Except for the Shannon dying slip up:

“I wonder if Shannon really is dead?”

“I think it’s such a shame that they gave her nothing to work with for weeks and weeks and then gave her a storyline just as they were going to k… uh, just as they shot her. Eh-hem.”

Anyway, Mr C has managed to get caught up in the whole thing and he watches it with me as well. The problem is, he is always desperate to see the next episode now, not liking the whole “being kept in suspense” thing. Luckily for him, the next episode is usually shown on a different channel straight afterwards, and that means we can get a double dose of Lost. But that means we’ve seen next week’s as well, and have to wait two weeks until the next one.

So, because he was impatient to see the latest one, we have to wait a fortnight to catch up. Seems like this impatience thing isn’t working out too well for our viewing!

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